Brick Masonry

Brick Entryway 2
We built our business on brick masonry and take pride in encountering our work still looking great on properties we have worked on. At the core of our family business is brick masonry and we go beyond what other companies are willing to offer. We offer custom solutions for your property. No matter the difficulty or logistical challenges, we can take your brick masonry project from idea to reality. As one of the strongest building materials that stands the test of time through varying temperatures and loads, brick is a great choice to build with. Additionally, there are now a multitude of brick color, style and texture options available to meet your personal taste or match your property’s architecture.

Valle Custom Masonry has completed many brick projects throughout our 70+ years of operation. View a sampling of the types of project we have completed below.

  • Brick Paths
  • Brick Entryways
  • Brick Walls
  • Brick Columns
  • Brick Outdoor Kitchens
  • Brick Fire Pits
  • Brick Grottos
  • Brick Fireplaces
  • Brick Buildings
  • Brick Memorials
  • Brick Planters
  • Brick Patios
  • Brick Fences
  • Brick Steps
  • Brick Fountains
  • And Many More!
Brick Patio


Brick can be a little more expensive than other building materials but the trade-off is durability and maintenance and energy cost savings. Our brick projects are meant to last and will stand the test of time with little maintenance. Considering the long-term value of a brick project you will be very satisfied.

We also offer brick repair and restoration services even if you didn’t originally work with us on your project. From brick repair services that fix up damaged areas or brick restoration or brick staining, our team of experts are ready to revitalize your brick property feature for a great price.