Stucco Masonry

Stucco Entryway Walls 2

Valle Custom Masonry are the experts in stucco projects! Stucco is most often used in Spanish, Southwestern or Greek style homes and buildings but there are many other applications and options. In fact, we offer over 100 different texture and color options of stucco. Valle Custom Masonry has applied stucco on exterior walls, interior walls, ceilings, floors building siding and other places which have brought a fresh new look to the properties. Experts in new application or restoration we can take your property’s look to the next level with the clean look of stucco. Stucco is also a very durable and care-free finish if installed correctly. In Europe, buildings that had stucco applied in the 1900s still have a lasting finish that continues to look attractive today!

Stucco Patio Walls
Valle Custom Masonry are also well-versed in restoring stucco sidings, walls and more. If your stucco needs freshening up, don’t opt for just painting the stucco. This could actually cost you more money in the long run because painted-over stucco cannot be re-stuccod or refinished until the paint has been removed. Stucco materials do not bond well to painted stucco. If you have already had your stucco painted, we can still help by removing the paint and re-finishing the stuffo after the paint has been removed. Freshen up your stucco with us and get your home back to look fresh and clean.

Beware of “synthetic stucco” that some competitors may use to save on their costs. This synthetic stucco or “Dryvit” or EIFS is less durable and you do not want to take your chances on it.

Get “The Best in the West” to complete your next stucco project and we can make your property look great. We also offer maintenance packages on your stucco to ensure that your latest stucco feature shines for years to come.